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Head of Organisation

GEHS is headed by DR. LOLA OKWUOSA. She has a Masters degree in Public/Occupational Health from Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University Boston USA... 

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Our vision is to promote human health and well-being, by providing sustainable solutions to environment-related health and safety issues in everyday life and everyday places through education, empowerment and effective service delivery. 


We seek to prevent illnesses, injuries and loss of lives that may result from adverse factors in everyday environment and thereby promote good health and well-being.


Global Environmental Health Solutions (GEHS) is an indigenous, people oriented Environmental Health and Safety consultancy firm, dedicated to enhancing human health and well-being, by providing professional services and sustainable solutions to environment-related health and safety issues and challenges. GEHS was established on the premise that human health and well-being are intimately linked to the state of the environment, and thus, addressing environmental issues will go a long way in promoting human health and well-being.

With environmental risks accounting for a large fraction of the global burden of diseases, GEHS seeks to contribute to the GLOBAL efforts of creating and maintaining a healthy ENVIRONMENT for the HEALTH and well-being of all at all ages. We seek to tackle the interlinkages between environment and human health by providing sustainable SOLUTIONS that will preserve, improve, or restore environmental and human health. Our services and solutions are geared towards ensuring that people are able to breathe, drink, eat, work, and live in an environment, without fear of adverse impacts on their health.

Specifically, GEHS provides tailored solutions to address environmental health risks. These environmental risks range from traditional environmental risks such as unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation, poor personal hygiene, inadequate waste disposal, poor housing conditions, indoor air pollution, disease vector breeding conditions; to modern risks, such as, pollution of air, water, and land, noise pollution, chemical pollution; and emerging risks such as climate change and ecosystem changes.

We have expertise in Environmental Assessment and Management; Occupational Health and Safety; and other Environmental Health issues such as Environmental Sanitation and Waste Management; Food Safety; Integrated Pest Management; and the control of environment related diseases.


GEHS is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Environment, the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to carry out Environmental Health Consultancy Services including Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Audit (EA), Baseline/Post Impact Studies, Environmental Management Systems, Waste Management and Compliance Monitoring amongst others. The Company is supported by a team of staff and professionals with several years of experience and expertise in the technical and regulatory aspects of Environmental and Occupational Health issues nationally and internationally. 


Our Past Clientele:


  • World Bank through the National Urban Water Sector Reform Project (NUWSRP)

  • World Health Organization

  • United Nations Children’s Fund

  • Federal Ministry of Communication Technology

  • Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development

  • Federal Ministry of Aviation

  • Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs

  • Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) Abuja.

  • Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity

  • Federal Ministry of Environment

  • Federal Ministry of Water Resources

  • Federal Ministry of Education

  • Federal Capital Territory Administration

  • Federal Staff Hospital

  • The Presidency – Subsidy Reinvestment & Empowerment Programme (SURE-P)

  • National Environmental Standards and Regulatory Enforcement Agency

  • Nigeria Meteorological Agency

  • National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

  • National Hospital Abuja

  • Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

  • Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON)

  • Cross River State Water Board Ltd.

  • Lagos State Water Corporation

  • Lagos State Waste Management Authority

  • Kaduna State Water Board

  • Enugu State Water Corporation

  • Enugu State Ministry of Environment

  • Abuja Environmental Protection Board

  • Nigeria Society of Engineers

  • Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

  • Nova Scotia Power Development (Canada)

  • Nigerian Bottling Company

  • Eleme Petrochemicals Company Ltd.

  • NOTORE Chemical Industries Plc

  • Flour Mills of Nigeria Limited

  • Dangote Flour Mill Plc

  • Dana Steel Company Ltd.

  • Dantata & Sawoe Construction Ltd

  • Vita Construction Ltd.

  • Setraco Nigeria Limited

  • Sarplast (W/A) Ltd.

  • Mothercat Ltimited

  • Energo Nigeria Ltd.

  • Urban Shelter Ltd.

  • Imani & Sons Nigeria Ltd.

  • Sahara Group Ltd.

  • Cassa-Blanca Ventures Ltd.

  • Netconstruct Nigeria Limited

  • Paul-B Nigeria Ltd.

  • Interstate Architects Ltd.

  • Chellco Industrial Limited

  • Kopek Construction Ltd.

  • NASCO Group of Companies

  • Royal Mills and Foods Limited

  • Nigerian Associated Best Foods Ltd.

  • Grand Cereals Limited

  • Raudah Farms Limited

  • United Cement Company Nigeria Ltd.

  • Creation Consult Ltd.

  • Sunsplash Business System Ltd.

  • Seven-up Bottling Company

  • Helios Tower Nig. Ltd.

  • Peugeot Automobile Nig. Ltd.

  • Femak Associates Ltd.

  • Asonic Associates Ltd.

  • Amplified Nigeria Limited

  • Pandagric Novum Limited

  • FMS Farms Limited

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