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Any of our programs can  be customized to meet  your specific training  needs. Training can be  provided at your site and  at your convenience. You  don’t need to come to us  we will come to you!!


Customised On-Site   Training: 

Our courses are presented  in lecture type, power  point format and entails  video shows, practical  demonstrations, syndicate  group discussions,  workplace visits and hands  on learning to address all  learning styles.
Construction Health and Safety (CHSE)


For Whom

To equip workers in the industry with the basic knowledge and skills required to identify common hazards on construction sites and take appropriate actions to prevent injuries, illnesses, accidents, and consequent business losses.

Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Builders, Site Supervisors,   Foremen, and other construction workers.

  • Introduction to Construction HSE

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policies/Regulations in the Construction Industry

  • Overview of common Health and Safety Hazards in the Construction Industry

  • Incident Causation, Investigation & Reporting

  • Fall Prevention & Protection

  • Scaffold Safety

  • Ladder & Stairway Safety

  • Excavation Safety

  • Crane & Transport Safety

  • Electrical Safety

  • Ergonomics in Construction

  • HSE-Management System including HEMP

  • Fire Prevention & Protection

  • Construction First Aid

  • Environmental Awareness & Construction Housekeeping

  • Personal Protective Equipment & Life Saving Devices

  • HSE Requirement in Construction Contract Document

  • Construction Safety Inspection


Lecture Presentations, Group Exercises, Syndicate Session, Practical Demonstrations, Site Visit, DVD Presentations.

  • Certification.

  • Enhanced HSE knowledge to safely undertake work tasks in the construction industry.

  • Ability to identify hazards as well as assess and control HSE risks at construction sites.

  • Improved efficiency & work performance.

  • Ability to apply basic HSE principles to reduce accidents and consequent injuries, ill health, loss of man-hour and property damage at construction sites.




3 Days


First Batch      -11TH – 13TH July 2023;

Second Batch - 24TH – 26TH Oct. 2023.

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The Basic Construction HSE Course is designed as a 30-Hour course to assist organizations train their relevant workers at their convenience with minimal disruption of project activities. The Course objective and content are the same. Topics to be covered are broken down below​.

  • Construction Safety Orientation including Overview of Common Health and Safety Hazards in Construction Industry – (2 Hours)

  • Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Policies/Regulations in the Construction Industry – (2 Hours)

  • Incident: Causation, Investigation & Reporting – (2 Hours)

  • Concrete and Masonry – (1 Hour)

  • Electrical Safety – (2 Hours)

  • Fall Protection – (2 Hours)

  • Scaffolding Safety – (1 Hour)

  • Stairways & Ladder Safety – (1 Hour)

  • Vehicle & Crane Safety – (1 Hour)

  • Ergonomics & Material Handling in Construction – (2 Hours)

  • Fire Prevention & Protection – (2 Hours)

  • Construction First Aid – (2 Hours)

  • Environmental Awareness & Construction Housekeeping – (2 Hours)

  • Personal Protective Equipment & Life Saving Equipment – (2 Hours)

  • HSE – MS – (2 Hours)

  • Construction Safety Inspection – (2 Hours)


To be conducted in our or your facility over 30 hours spaced at mutually agreed dates & schedule. Note that, all Open Enrolment courses are held at the Company’s training facility in Abuja.

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