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In today’s fast-paced business industry, it is becoming common for organizations to out-source ancillary functions to allow adequate focus on core business activities with respect to HSE issues. There is a good business case for organizations to outsource the management of HSE across all aspects of business activities whether office, workshop, project sites etc. Outsourcing offers companies alternatives to having a full time professional or continuing to assign HSE responsibilities to over committed managers. In this regard, GEHS provides outsourcing services and tailored solutions to achieve companies HSE goals and objectives. We provide valuable support in designing and implementing management systems including day to day HSE tasks and activities such as inspections, periodic auditing, incident investigations, training as well as HSE data compilation, evaluation and reporting.

In specific terms, our HSE manpower outsourcing services include provision of:


  • Full service HSE solutions for organizations and construction projects and

  • HSE solutions for short term purposes.


How it Works

We identify and provide professionals who have the appropriate experience and training to meet HSE needs of specific organizations. As it relates to construction projects, GEHS as a subcontractor, can work with the principal contractor to plan and manage health and safety during the construction phase of the project. This will entail site specific HSE plan development, implementation and monitoring.


On a short term basis, GEHS can provide support for organizations in the event of unexpected overload from peak periods or short staffing arising from sick or maternity leave.



The benefits of outsourcing HSE services amongst many include:

  • Reduced operational cost – By outsourcing, accrued expenses from salaries, bonuses, taxes, paid vacations, insurance, and office space are avoided and core business operations are carried out efficiently.

  • Focus on core activities – Workload increases with additional non-core functions and the quality of core activities suffers as business grows. Outsourcing will allow key human resources to focus on primary business tasks.

  • Increased efficiency – Outsourcing enables organizations allocate tasks to an outsourcing partner, thereby sharing the workload which results in increased employer/employee efficiency.

  • Access to skilled expertise – Outsourcing grants access to skilled expertise that can deliver effectively and efficiently.




GEHS recruitment services is a one-off service that focuses mainly on the provision of HSE officers from a pool of properly trained and experienced professionals with practical knowledge and skills to occupy or play the role of an HSE Officer in an organization. Due to our experience and continued presence in the HSE sector, we are very familiar with organization’s needs and demands; this understanding enables us to quickly and accurately provide people with the right skills, knowledge and technical training to meet the needs of clients. In this respect, all issues relating to cost will be handled by the client who is also responsible for monitoring and supervision of the HSE Officer.

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