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The company engages first class professionals who have extensive experience in Environmental Health issues, to provide quality service to our clients. The selection of personnel for each project or service is based on significant firsthand experience in the area of Environmental Health under consideration and demonstrated expertise in the identified field'



GEHS is headed by DR. LOLA OKWUOSA. She has a Masters degree in Public/Occupational Health from Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University Boston USA. She obtained an MBBS (equivalent to MD) degree from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. She has over 30 years technical experience in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating Environmental Health programmes and projects. She particularly has expertise in Environmental Management, Environmental Health and Sanitation, Environmental Health Impact Assessment, Occupational Health and Safety, Policy Development as well as in technical and regulatory aspects of Environmental and Health issues. She has worked with the Federal Ministries of Health and Environment.


She in addition has certification in Occupational Health & Safety Management System Audit, Environmental Management System obtained from the UK, Construction Safety (USA), Occupational Health and Safety Management System, (USA), Impact Assessment of Oil and Gas activities (Norway), Environmental  Protection Technology and Management (South Korea), Climate Change - Impact on Environment and Health (United Kingdom), Health Impact Assessment (United Kingdom), and Environmental Impact Assessment (World Bank and FEPA).


As the head of GEHS, she co-ordinates and supervises all Environmental Health related services delivered by the organization.


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