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Any of our programs can  be customized to meet  your specific training  needs. Training can be provided at your site and  at your convenience. You don’t need to come to us  we will come to you!!


Customised On-Site   Training: 

Our courses are presented in lecture type, power point format and entails video shows, practical demonstrations, syndicate group discussions, workplace visits and hands on learning to address all learning styles.
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Advisers/Officers Development Course 
For Whom
Course Content

To equip participants with adequate knowledge and hands-on skills required to effectively discharge the responsibilities of an HSE Officer/Adviser in the workplace.

Persons with HSE background that desire hands-on practical training to effectively carry out responsibilities as an HSE Adviser.  Intended participants must have at least basic training in HSE.

  • Module 1: Principles of Health and Safety Management

  • Module 2: Loss Causation and Incident Investigation

  • Module 3: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Evaluation

  • Module 4: Risk Control and Emergency Planning

  • Module 5: Organizational Factors

  • Module 6: Measuring Performance

  • Module 7: Hazardous Agents

  • Module 8: Personal Protective Equipment

  • Module 9: Construction Activities

  • Module 10: Principles of Fire and Explosion

  • Module 11: Work Equipment

  • Module 12: Electrical Safety

  • Module 13: Confined Space Safety

  • Module 14: Environmental Pollution and Waste Management

  • Module 15: HSE Communications


Teaching Sessions, Practical Demonstrations, Video shows and On-Site Activities.

  • Certification

  • Enhanced Professional/Career Development

  • Opportunity to join the GEHS pool of ready-to-be-employed HSE Advisers/Officers

  • Opportunity to be recruited as HSE Advisers/Officers

  • Being up-to-date with current HSE best practices

  • Enhanced knowledge & skills in the application of HSE management systems

  • Ability to implement, maintain & continually improve organization’s HSE management system

  • Ability to apply principles of HSE management system to reduce organizational losses due to work related accidents, injuries & ill health

  • Ability to assist the organization review its systems, procedures, & methods of work in line with international  standards

  • Improved operational effectiveness/efficiency

Enrolment Type



2 Weeks


On Demand (Call to Schedule).

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