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Any of our programs can  be customized to meet  your specific training  needs. Training can be  provided at your site and  at your convenience. You  don’t need to come to us  we will come to you!!


Customised On-Site   Training: 

Our courses are presented  in lecture type, power  point format and entails  video shows, practical demonstrations, syndicate group discussions,  workplace visits and hands  on learning to address all  learning styles.
For Whom
Course Content
  • To provide drivers with fundamental knowledge on safe defensive driving and basic principles of first aid that will help them drive in a safe manner as well as manage first aid cases to save lives in the event of a crash.

  • To educate drivers on effective maintenance of vehicles for optimum performance.

All categories of drivers. It is specially recommended for new drivers and contract drivers.

  • Road Traffic Policy, Traffic Related Laws & Regulations

  • Driving Environment & Road Signs

  • Road Hazards

  • Factors & Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

  • Defensive Driving Techniques

  • Journey Management & Vehicle Maintenance

  • Qualities & Responsibilities of a Good Driver

  • Interpersonal Relationship;

  • Emergency Management & Basic First Aid

  • You & Your Vision


Lecture Presentations, DVD Presentations, Practical demonstrations, Eye Test. 

  • Certification

  • Compliance with Road Safety Regulations

  • Increased Safety Awareness

  • Reduced road accidents/crashes and wanton destruction of properties

  • Protection of lives of drivers and other passengers

  • Ability to save lives and limit consequence of injuries in the event of a crash

  • Enhanced productivity through the prevention of injuries and work related accidents;

  • Reduced Insurance premium Cost

  • Reduced operational cost through proper use of vehicles as well as lower repair and maintenance cost

Enrolment Type



4 Days


On Demand (Call to Schedule)

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